Pictured above, ’Aqua Vitae’ a large scale triptych (40”x 84”, including 2” space between pieces, $4800)

Using traditional photographic techniques, digital manipulation and painting, Roz creates composite images that present us with an altered reality. Often playing with the scale of objects, a polar bear can be seen balancing on a tiny branch, a peacock on the seed pod of a small plant creating a surreal world of imaginary possibilities.

Roz describes her process as creating a doorway through which the viewer experiences a new reality and a new relationship with the photographic image. She does this by juxtaposing familiar forms figures and textures, between layers of epoxy resin, or adding new elements and splashes of colour by hand painting on glass with india ink and water.

’Aqua Regia II’ (18×18 inches square, $600 ) shows the jellyfish possibly floating through space, or adrift in a mysterious ocean.

All of the images Roz uses are her own photographs. You may be wondering how she captures pictures of underwater creatures. In fact she keeps pet goldfish and jellyfish and they are frequent subjects of her work.